A revolution in the affiliate industry. Crediting income from each bet

How do online casino affiliate programs work today? You bring players, they spend money, and only once a month, or maybe even less often, you receive income. As a rule, your income is a part of the losses of the players.

But CasinoFair decided to make a revolution in this business and offers commission accrual after each bet. Moreover, the commission is charged not for losses, but for any bets, whether winning or losing.

For this, a platform developed by FunFair Technologies is used. CasinoFair is just the first customer to try out the new solution. It is understood that after each bet, the money is immediately credited to the Ethereum wallet. The managing director of the casino noted that he sees the future in this affiliate technology.

It really looks like a revolution. After all, the current working conditions are not convenient for everyone. You have to wait a long time for payments, a negative balance if the players win. Inconvenient, but it seemed that everyone accepted this, since the scheme is used everywhere, even in affiliate programs in other areas. The new solution eliminates both of these major drawbacks.