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Online casino licensed by Alderney

The Alderney license for online casinos has recently become in demand. This type of license has no tax rate, market restrictions and no rate limit. This makes this jurisdiction an excellent option for starting a virtual entertainment business.

Alderney's reputation is negatively impacted by an event involving Full Tilt, which was financially indebted. However, one failure cannot overshadow the advantages of Alderney. Interesting fact! The system of regulation of this license is highly appreciated by specialists all over the world. Alderney Island is located in the British Channel, off the coast of France. The weather is always good in this area. Because of this, the region has a good reputation in the financial market. Many first-class analysts choose the island as an offshore.

On the island of Alderney, the main currency is the pound sterling (in accordance with the Government Act). Purchasing a license to run a remote gaming business looks extremely attractive. Limited liability companies are exempt from corporation tax. The amount of the additional tax is determined based on the license fee.

If you work in the Business to Business (B2B) sector, you will have to pay tax from 35 to 140 thousand pounds per year. Organizations in the B2C category (Business to Client) pay a fee of 35 thousand pounds per year. Another levy of £100,000 per year is expected.

Over the past year, banking organizations have been involved in the process of money transfers for online casino users. This means that from a financial management point of view, operating under an Alderney license is quite reliable and safe. The creator of a gambling company can be sure that his project is reliably protected from intruders.

License details for Alderney casino

Only organizations with limited liability can enjoy the privileges of this document. The corporate tax rate is zero, in other words, no taxes. Also, the use of this license implies the absence of an additional game bet.

Many investors are attracted by the small size of the authorized capital (only 2 pounds sterling) for a company that operates in the field of online gaming business.

The site creator can use many mechanisms to protect the account of the casino client. The level of protection must be consistent with the business plan of the project and consistent with the rest of the data of the advertising campaign.

In case of theft or fraud in order to hack accounts and transfer money, all funds are refunded to players in full.

Price policy. The amount of taxes

The cost of the document depends on the license category. It is provided for B2B and B2C companies. The tax for the first category is calculated on the basis of annual income. If the company operates for the first year, then 35 thousand pounds must be paid in favor of the jurisdiction, regardless of the level of income. If the organization operates for more than one year, then the tax is distributed as follows:

  • Income up to £1m - £35,000 in tax;
  • Income above £1m - £70,000;
  • Profit between £5m and £7.5m - £100,000;
  • Annual profit of £7.5 million - £140k tax.

If a company works in the B2C category, then such an organization pays 35 thousand pounds every year. The amount is distributed as follows:

  • An accented certificate costs £10,000 - used by software vendors;
  • Temporary use of a license also costs £10,000 - you can restore the license for the same money.

The Alderney license for any category is valid for 12 months.

Key features of the Alderney license

Consider the characteristics of the document:

  • The process of in-game transactions through the processing power of the bank is provided;
  • All types of bandwidth provided by providers are available;
  • Basic software requirements: software must comply with the standard published in AGCC ;
  • Basic reporting requirements and revenue regulation: all financial statements are sent to the regulatory authorities;
  • All organizations must comply with AML rules, which are aimed at preventing money laundering and terrorist financing;
  • You can advertise your project and provide your services to players in any country.

Communicate with a regulatory body or government department

The contact person is Robin Le Prevost, who is the director of e-commerce for the state.

  • Address: -15, St Ann, Alderney, British Channel Islands
  • Phone: +441481825500
  • Official website:
  • Email: [email protected]

Why choose an Alderney license?

The island government believes that every business has the right to receive the best conditions for paying taxes. Therefore, Alderney licenses many online casinos, enabling entrepreneurs to grow and develop. The organization has clear advantages:

  • Enter all markets – you can operate in any country;
  • A proven mechanism for obtaining a license;
  • A stable and favorable political environment.


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